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Spring into some reet good reads

CUNNING WOMEN by Elizabeth Lee

A gorgeous gothic novel from a magnetic new voice in historical fiction, sure to be loved by fans of The Essex Serpent and The Mercies. Set in Lancashire in 1620s as the Pendle witch trials rage, this is the enthralling story of the Haworths, a family of healers, secret keepers, and ‘cunning women’ who are viewed with much suspicion by their community. Elizabeth lee has conjured an engrossing tale of young love and a shattering story of the intolerance that reigned during the long shadow of the Witch Trials. Elizabeth Lee won the Curtis Brown Creative Marian Keyes Scholarship, and her work has been selected for the Womentoring Project and Penguin’s WriteNow Live. Cunning Women is published 22 April, Windmill, Hardback £14.99.

ALL ADULTS HERE by Emma Straub

Astrid Strick has always tried to do her best for her children. Now, they’re finally grown up – but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Elliot doesn’t have any idea who he really is, or how to communicate with his sons. Porter is, finally, pregnant – but feels incapable of rising to the challenge. Nicky has fled to distant New Mexico to live the bohemian dream. And Astrid is up to things that would make her children’s hair curl. Until now, the family have managed to hide from each other. But when Nicky’s daughter Cecelia comes to stay, her arrival threatens to upturn everything… £8.99

Dangerous womEn by Hope Adams

London, 1841. Almost 200 female prisoners board the Rajah, the ship that will take them on a three-month voyage to the other side of the world. They’re daughters, sisters, mothers – convicted for petty crimes and being transported to Van Diemen’s Land. (Tasmania). But one of their number is a secret killer, and when a woman is mortally wounded, the hunt for the culprit begins. Who would attack a fellow convict, and why? Dangerous Women is inspired by the real-life voyage of the Rajah. Hope Adams constructs an enthralling narrative that follows the investigation, and lays bare the painful lives of these women, far from their homes and loved ones, and feeling the brutal weight of the law. £14.99

Blood brothers by Heather Atkinson

When you’re running the streets, loyalty is everything… Gangs rule the streets of the rough Gallow burn Estate in Glasgow, but the deepest rivalry of all is between Jamie Gray and his friends, known as the Blood Brothers, and their enemies, the Lawsons. The two gangs clash frequently, but when a phone containing incriminating evidence disappears after a particularly brutal run-in, the stakes are higher than ever. If you love Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers, and Jessie Keane, you’ll love Heather Atkinson. Discover the bestselling author Heather Atkinson, her crackling plots, unforgettable characters and page-turning pace and you’ll never look back. £14.99 ePub £2.99

Happy ever after by The Seven Dollar Millionaire

Did you know you can become a millionaire by saving just £7 a day and investing for 7% returns? Probably not, because financial literacy is a subject that’s overlooked by the vast majority of schools and universities, despite its significance to every single person on the planet. Written initially for a teenage daughter and then turned into a course to train migrant workers, the book focuses on the fundamentals of understanding money, saving and investing, showing how the ‘magic’ of compound investing can transform tiny initial amounts into genuine wealth. £14.99. Published by Wiley 15 March