New Emotions

by Northern Life

Peter Jones, Oswaldtwistle

When at first we fall in love,
We lose our appetite.
We see the sun on rainy days;
Don’t sleep so well at night.
We long to spend our time with them
And when they are away,
No matter what we have to do,
We think of them all day.

We discover new emotions too,
We never knew we had:
Never at one time before,
So happy and so sad.
We feel so happy, fit to burst,
Yet sad that it may end.
We’ve found someone that we can call
Much more than just a friend.

But when our love has run its course:
Our emotions less intense;
Our feet back firmly on the ground,
Heads full of common sense.
Of one thing we can be quite sure
Though love may come and go:
Nothing so weird and wonderful
As our first love, we’ll know.