New book reveals Manchester’s transformational manufacturing past

A snapshot of manufacturing at M&I Materials’ Trafford Park site.

Featuring never before seen photos from the turn of the century through to the 1970s, “Manchester: The Golden Years” explores the fascinating history of Manchester through a rare insight into the changing way of Mancunian life through the decades.

Included in the book, twelve carefully selected companies, including Trafford Park based M&I Materials, tell their unique stories to celebrate the countless men and women, past and present, who shaped Manchester into what it is today.

Just like the city, M&I Materials’ story is unique; a fusion of tradition and progress. From its early beginnings in 1901 when components were manufactured by hand, through to the latest 3D printing materials of today, the book takes you on a journey through the rich heritage of the companies that built Manchester into the centre of the UK’s thriving manufacturing heartland.

Giles Salt, CEO of M&I Materials said “It is a great honour to be featured in the book, and to be recognised as part of our city’s rich and vibrant heritage. It’s been a pleasure to delve back into our history to contribute this behind the scenes look at how manufacturing has evolved over the years. ”  Through a collection of stunning black and white photos from postcodes across the city, local people and the eager historian alike will enjoy this unique opportunity to walk down memory lane.

Manchester: The Golden Years is available for purchase at Waterstones, WHSmith and online for £12.99.