BOOK REVIEW: Never Say Sorry by Rose Edmunds

Never Say Sorry

By Rose Edmunds The Book Guild, Paperback, £9.99

Reporter Claudia Knight could not believe her luck when she was set on the trail of a huge scoop. And Hugo Fleming, a spoilt corporate financier, could not believe his luck when he met her.

But the meeting was sparked with friction, danger and death.

Rose Edmunds – a former chartered accountant – has used her past to weave a clever web involving murder, kidnapping, and corporate  culpability as her two leading characters join forces to find out who is at the heart of a move to suppress a possible cheap cure for cancer.

Is it the giant pharmaceutical corporation BEP, planning a take-over, or other multi-nationals trying to protect their own financial interests in cancer treatment?

All the hurly burly of life in the newsroom and that of the cut-throat corporate boardroom keep the action going with the real culprits remaining in the background until the dramatic conclusion.


It is an adventure which dips into the key characters’ backgrounds and lifestyles and demonstrates how companies can become sidelined from ethical outcomes when it suits their requirements.

A good read, drawing on the author’s years of experience in the business world, and her desire to entertain with an ethical twist.