poetry nellys revenge

Nelly’s Revenge | Poetry

by Northern Life

By I.C. Justice, Colne

Nelly, Nelly, where are you?
Where is that crazy dog?
I bet she’s at the fish pond,
Looking for that frog!

Now Nelly is a terrier,
A border type she be.
“Come on” shouts Paul, “I’ve got your lead,
We are going out you see!”

But Nelly has her nose down,
She knows what she’s about,
It’s the ginger Tom that lives next door,
She’s going to sort him out.

Now she’s in the garden shed,
Her nose down to the floor,
Oh dear what a pong!
I can’t stand this no more.

I’ll call on Ben the bulldog,
He’ll know what to do.
We are going to get that stinker Tom,
If it’s the last thing that we do!

“We shall have to set a trap, says Ben
Here’s what we will do,”
“Go and get some wire and pegs,
And we’ll set a snare or two!”

So Tom came walking down the path,
His tail waving in the air,
A stupid grin on his face,
He didn’t have a care.

Then all at once it happened…
His paw was in the snare!
“We’ve got him!” shouted Nelly,
She jumped three feet in the air!

“Come on Ben let’s grab him,
He’s not going anywhere”,
“Now what shall we do with him?” said Ben,
Inform his next of kin!

“No we won’t,get hold of him,
We will throw him in the bin!”
“Not so fast my crafty friend,
For his crimes he’s going to pay,”
So stinker he was tarred and feathered
And then sent on his way.