End the real vs. artificial Christmas tree debate by sending your loved ones Needle Mail

Needle Mail

Pining for the real deal? Forestry Commission England is giving fans of real trees a helping hand to convince their household to buy a real tree, with the launch of Needle Mail.

Needle Mail is a simple service, allowing people to send a pine-scented card that once opened, releases needles, invigorating the desire for a real tree with its smell and feel.

New research* by the Forestry Commission suggests that 12.8 million Britons will disagree on whether to have a real or artificial tree this Christmas, with women (83%) more likely than their male counterparts (65%) to prefer real. Almost half (44%) will be putting their tree up the first weekend of December.

When asked about the reasons to prefer real trees, authentic look and feel (23%) came out top, followed by smell (21%), tradition (12%) and connection with nature (12%).

In total, 72% of those surveyed were planning on buying a real tree, compared to 28% that will opt for artificial.

Alice Mayne, Head of Recreation & Visitor Experience of Forestry Commission England, said:
“There’s something about the fresh pine scent that makes Christmas feel complete. We are passionate about trees and believe that there’s no feeling quite like the one when you walk into a room with a real Christmas tree with the aroma of pine needles filling the room.


“By reminding people of the smell and feel of a real tree, we hope that Needle Mail will help those that want to bring a real tree into their home this Christmas.”

Real Christmas trees are available directly from forests, at 17 sites across England. All trees come with free sapling and a 100% Santa Approved certificate, which includes a fun, festive scavenger hunt to enjoy on the back.”

500 people can order Needle Mail to send a loved one this Christmas, free of charge. To order, go to www.forestry.gov.uk/needlemail.



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