National Back Care Awareness Week

Back Pain

Back PainAs National Back Care Awareness Week kicks off (6-12 October), Sophia Kupse – Holistic Practitioner and author of the new breakthrough book: The Muscle Whisperer: The Keys to Unlocking Your Back Pain questions whether our back pain is created through physical impact OR is it our thoughts (i.e. emotional stress) that manifest our pain?

Through 20 years of research, backed by scientific evidence, Sophia reveals how our subconscious thought patterns trigger back pain.

Sophia says: “Whether it was a difficult childhood, relationship or loss of a loved one – there will always be an emotional reason behind a physical pain. The emotional stress you hold onto starts to manifest in your body and held in the back muscles, until one day you feel it as physical pain.”

Sophia is the founder of one of the most advanced holistic back pain treatments available ‘Langellotti Tri-Therapy’ with Liv Tyler and Janey Lee Grace among her clientele.

‘LT Therapy’ focuses on discharging any tension held in the muscles, including any toxins created by over production of adrenaline, cortisol and remaining anaesthetic. It gently, but affectively releases deep held toxins using the ‘tri-therapy method’ an advanced muscle release technique, volcanic heat & ice marble to generate fast, effective results, returning flexibility back to the muscle groups.

Research by the Work Foundation think-tank found that Britons now take an amazing 35 million working days off a year because of back pain. What’s more, lower back pain affects around a third of the UK adult population each year, with around one in five sufferers – approximately 2.6 million people – seeking advice from their GP.


Sophia’s Back To Basics Tips to avoiding back pain;

  • Drink more water –Why? Because when our muscles become dehydrated they allow the myofascia layer, the loose strong connective tissue that surrounds all muscles, to become sticky, reducing mobility and eventually leading to pain. ‘If the muscles are hydrated they will serve you well and will ensure optimum flexibility in both the fascia and muscles.’ Ideally up to 2 litres minimum of filtered water a day.
  • Eat more clean foods-Why? Clean foods are alkaline foods such as all greens, root vegetables, avocado, lemons, limes tomato, certain fruits, green juices, fresh organic wheatgrass, herbal teas, filtered water etc. The lower the acid content in the food you eat, the better on the body. Acid produces an inflammatory action in the muscle so in order to reduce your pain, if you do suffer from back pain or any pain; you should eat an 80% alkalised diet in order to keep the body’s ph level to an optimum 7.4.
  • Keep moving-Why? This includes starting the day with a few stretches before you get out of bed in order to prepare the muscles for movement. Simple stretches in whichever way your body feels like moving is something that happens instinctively in the animal kingdom and probably why, they don’t suffer from physical pain like humans do. Even if you have limited ability in your limbs, due to an accident or ongoing long term back pain, the body was built to move, so it is important to keep active. Long sedentary periods allow muscles to slowly cease and acid starts to store in the muscles, especially when we are stressed trying to meet deadlines at the computer, releasing adrenaline and chewing through a chocolate bar at the same time, all tops up the acid bank ensuring you feel back pain later in the day.
  • Keep your weight down-Why? Keeping within your BMI means your controlling bodyweight. The more excessive weight your body carries the more pressure builds up and has a huge impact on the joints and muscles. Fat wraps around the muscles and creates an inflammatory residence for it. You should be working towards reducing body fat through diet and activity, walking being ideal for those who dislike the gym.
  • Control your pain-Why? If you are suffering any neck, shoulder or back pain you must get it under control. If its long term then consult your GP for appropriate medication, however, for the majority of people, they suffer acute periods that flare up due to stress related events. Take immediate action and you’ll be helping the body and muscles recover quicker. When you feel pain you move differently and this can trigger new areas of pain as a result of walking or sitting incorrectly, all because you wanted to avoid the original pain. Painkillers for a limited time, help the body recover quickly so you can get back to being active again pain free.
  • Practice daily meditation-Why? Meditation is a major factor in helping the body recover through the mind. Meditation in particularly Transcendental Meditation that I practice is effortless and takes just a few hours to learn with a qualified tutor. It offers emotional balance and is anti-inflammatory by switching off the stress response. For more information and to discover huge benefits visit


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