Tango Optiflame Electric Stove

Mythbusting facts about electric fires

by Northern Life

Photo caption: Tango Optiflame Electric Stove RRP £225

Q: Is there still a demand for electric fires?

A: Many people assume that homeowners who have gas central heating will inherently prefer a gas fire. However, this simply isn’t the case. More than 57% of electric fires are bought for gas centrally heated homes due to the safety and maintenance free aspect of electric fires compared to gas. They require virtually no maintenance, are easy to install and don’t produce any harmful fumes, therefore giving all the benefits of a gas fire, but with the simplicity and safety of electric.

Q: Are electric fires efficient?

A: Yes, electric fires are 100% efficient, with all of the energy consumed by the heater turned into heat. The advantage of electric is that the heat generated by the fire goes into the room, unlike open-flued gas fires of which 75% of the heat generated gets lost up the chimney. Flueless gas fires are just as efficient as electric, but they require an air vent to be installed in the room which can result in a draught. One of the huge bonuses for electric fires is that they are highly efficient, completely safe to use and require minimal installation.

Q: Are electric fires difficult to install?

A: Dimplex electric fires don’t require a fireplace and all simply plug into a 13 amp socket, so installation only takes a matter of minutes. Compared to gas fires, the installation of electric fires is fast, easy and safe. This will not only save you time and the cost of a qualified gas installer, but they can be easily moved and repositioned around the house.

Introducing the Dimplex Opti-myst

Using state-of-the-art technology, Dimplex have created the most realistic 3D flame and smoke effect ever seen in an electric fire. Being electric, Opti-myst fires are also simple and convenient to use – with no installation or mess, simply plug in and enjoy from your armchair. Our safe and reliable fires are available in a range of traditional and contemporary designs to suit every home. Explore the range