Mother’s Day gift guide: gift ideas for earth mums

1Organic bath bomb gift set

Bath bombs fizzers organic gift set

You can have a SPA like experience in your bathroom with the use of Organic Bath Bombs with 6 Bath Bombs Hamper Gift Wrapped with different flavours and aroma.

£14.97 SI Wellness

2Organic Day Fat Burner, Slimming Tea

Detoxes and eliminates toxins. It reduces bloating and cares for the digestive tracks while you are out and about. It has no laxatives. It tackles the fat lurking around your digestive cavity.It is safe and recommended for day time consumption.Our Day Fat Burner supports and improves metabolism and can be used as part of your weight loss plan. It has no harmful chemicals and it is certified organic.

£10 Hubb Organics

3Seamless linen Duvet Cover with Wood Button Closure

Seamless linen Duvet Cover with Wood Button Closure

Super soft, but without chemical treatment and without stone washing (this damages the fabric structure and shortens the life of the bedding). The product goes through several stages of washing and drying,then manually treat it with wooden masseurs.This makes our bedding super soft and gives it a vintage appearance (stone washed effect)This treatment does not damage the fabric, so this bed linens will last you for many, many years.100% environmentally friendly product. Everything is done manually, without the use of industrial equipment,specially for each order,specially for you.

From £44.97 Shop 2016

4Brick herringbone belt

Brick herringbone belt

Very interesting belt, made from brick colored herringbone fabric with distinctive texture and character, well suited for casual or formal wear.

LARCHESSE belts are crafted from socially and environmentally sustainable handmade fabrics with dedication to promote the livelihoods of small-scale fabric producers and to offer an ethical alternative to synthetic and leather products. Where human and animal welfare matter alike.


5Bee hotel

Bee hotel

This solid wood, hand-crafted bee hotel is perfect for attracting solitary bees to your garden. The bright & eyecatching design features a solid wooden roof to help protect the house & bees from the elements. Hand-painted in a range of bright colours, the bee house is not only designed to help the bees thrive, but also as a beautiful decorative addition to your garden.

£14 Wuddle

6Soft Pure Flax Boho Bathroom Towel

Linen bath towel

Waffle-patterned 100% linen bath towel in small checks. Special washing techniques used in the manufacturing together with a waffle pattern made this rather thick and dense towel immensely soft and absorbent. Because of the same wash, the towel also became shrink-resistant. Features a loop, which allows you to conveniently hang it anywhere you need. Will be just what you need after a bath or in sauna.

From £9.44 Linen World

7Pure Epiphany Spice Deluxe Package

Pure Epihany spice deluxe package

Perfect as an ethical gift or just for yourself. Package includes the 5 following products:

• 1 Spice soap (90g) – Made from a stable blend of oils including Coconut Oil and the luxury Pumpkin Seed Oil, known for retaining moisture and a youthful appearance! With a warm, fruity spiced scent of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and sweet Orange pure essential oils.

• 1 Spice bath bomb (50g) – Made with a blend of luxury sweet Almond Oil and Kukui Nut oil and packed with Epsom salts to moisturise and replenish your skin. With a winter warming scent of Ginger, Cinnamon and sweet Orange essential oils.

• 1 Spice body scrub (200ml) – Made with Coconut oil and Apple Cider Vinegar to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin. Leaving you silky soft with a natural glow. Spiced fruity scents of Black Pepper and Grapefruit pure essential oils.

• 1 Spice soap sponge (60g) – made by moulding our luxury Spice Soap to natural plant fibres, the Konjac sponge. The uniqueness of the soap sponge is that it exfoliates and cleanses your skin all at once; using it as you would any other sponge. The magic of our ‘built in’ soap will come lathering through!

• 1 Body Butter Massage bar (78g) – De-stress with our luxury body butter bar, made with coconut oil and Shea butter. A vegan friendly alternative to beeswax butter bars, we use Candelilla wax – a natural wax from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub! With the sweet relaxing aromas of vanilla and sandalwood essential oils.

£24 Pure Epiphany

8Organic hair pomade

Organic hair pomade

This organic, medium-hold hair pomade is wonderful for taming flyaways during the warmer months, adding some needed moisture during the dry, cooler months, or for styling your short or long hair year-round. It can also be used on beards, as it contains many healing, moisturizing, hair and skin benefiting ingredients:

– Organic Coconut Oil: rich in lauric acid, this nourishing oil promotes healthy hair growth.

– Organic Mango Butter: a harder butter than shea or cocoa, mango butter is rich in fatty acids and acts as a moisturizer, ensuring that this hair pomade doesn’t dry out your locks.

– Beeswax: a thickening, stabilizing additive that lends some hold to the product.

– Organic Cedarwood (Virginia) and Rosemary Essential Oils: known follicle stimulators, as well as excellent scalp tonics, these oils have traditionally been used to promote healthy hair growth, reduce hair loss, and heal dry, flaky scalp.

Packaged in a recyclable tin container, labelled with a compostable sticker, and shipped in re-used, recycled, and recylable packaging so you can feel good about what’s both inside AND outside your product.

£4.50 Eldridge Organics

9Scented soy candle

Scented soy candle earth mum

Made from natural soy wax and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Burning time up to 60 hours. Comes in Champagne metallic glass and are beautifully presented in a gift box.

Why soy wax? Soy wax gives a much cleaner & longer burn – no toxins or parabens. Soybeans are a renewable source of energy and being biodegradable means it’s kinder to the environment. Soy wax is also easily washable with soap and water and does not stain.

£35 Amelia Candles