Poetry Milestones


by Northern Life

Susie Marshall, via Email

The girl is growing up, things are changing.
Some barely noticed, just tiny shifts in behaving.
Milestone shopping trips which have to be done with mum.
The transition from girl to teenager to woman.

The process is challenging, but really who for?
There’s bound to be shouting and banging the door.
Parents are loved but oh so embarrassing.
So many issues, with views for voicing.

Friendships, like landing a summersault on a beam.
Forming an identity, harder than it seems.
Hundreds of labels but which ones are cool.
So easy to get wrong and be labelled the fool.

Hormones the enemy to battle everyday.
Their grip so tight, often hard to downplay.
Sleep the friend who’ll always hangout.
Independence the goal, there is no doubt.

The complexities of high school, often unspoken.
Balancing anonymity with popularity an unlikely fusion.
Resilience the school motto, creates a protective cape.
But it’s a very treacherous landscape.