Mia Bella Candles

Mia Bella candles

Toni Ellis and husband Daniel started their candle business in a small way in a Leeds kiosk, and they’ve grown it to four stores across Yorkshire.

“It’s been hard work, but you only get out what you put in,” says Toni, who is originally from Southend and came to Yorkshire after living and working in Spain.

Earlier this year Toni and Daniel took over the existing business The Candle Shop in  Sheep Street, Skipton, and along with their other stores in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield they have exclusive rights for Mia Bella of New York, suppliers of the finest candles.

“Mia Bella candles are triple-scented, allergy-free and soot-free so they don’t leave marks. They’re an excellent product,” Toni says.

Originally developed by Carmen and Lynn Milazzo, Mia Bella candles are made from “alternative” ingredients such as vegetables and other natural, renewable sources. The wicks are lead free, core free (no zinc) and are made from 100% cotton.

“People who use Mia Bella candles often comment on how authentic the scents are, and are amazed by how clean and evenly they burn.”


The Mia Bella concept came to life when Bob Scocozzo, an entrepreneur with experience in network marketing, was doing a ‘candle fundraiser’ for his son’s sports team. Scocozzo met the Milazzo’s, who were supplying the candles for the fundraiser, and began discussing the prospect of their new ‘alternative’ candles. When Scocozzo realised the benefits of a candle that had all of the positives of scented candles and none of the negatives of scented candles, the Mia Bella candle was born.

“I can’t begin to thank him enough for all he has done,” said Toni of Bob Scocozzo.

The Candle Shop at Skipton stocks a wide variety of scented, plain and decorative candles plus home fragrances including diffusers, room sprays and more, with plenty of ideas for Christmas.

The Candle Shop, 44 Sheep Street, Skipton, tel 01756 700190.