Menopause - Stop!

Here is Northern Life’s favourite go to products to help ease the symptoms of the Menopause

Keep Your Cool

Dagsmejan Stay Cool Collection Sleep Tank Top & Sleep Shorts both £63.99

Take Care

LQ Collagen Joint Care Supplements from £27.99

Keep Kalm And Carry On

Kalms One-A-Night £7.16

Regenerate Yourself

Dr Hauschka Regenerating Oil Serum and Day Cream from £55

Don't Cana-miss This Product

Canamis CBD Oil from £26

Face It!

Menopause Face mask from FAACE and Cult Beauty £29

Be A BetterYou

BetterYou’s Pill-free Vitamin D3000+K2 Oral Spray and Magnesium+Calcium Body Lotion Bundle £13.95

Forget The Support Bubble, Try This!

Natures Plus BioAdvanced Menopause Support £23.95

This Will Be Your Best Friend!

Dr Vegan MenoFriend Capsules £18.99

Let Yourself Flourish

Flourish Menopause Test Kit and Cooling Mist from £6.99

Menoforce Be With You

A.Vogel Menoforce Sage Tablets from £12.99

No More Hot(tea) Flushes

Hottea Mama Green Tea and Herbal Blend For Menopause £6

It’s All About Balance

Balance App The Free Menopausal App

Memory Lane

TIANA Advanced Formula Memory Oil £21.95

Be In Your Prime

Menoprime Supplements £15.99

Perfect Harmony

Perfect look & Health Perfect Harmony £19.95

The Perfect Wake Up Call

Ecooking Wake Up Cream and Goodnight Cream £32

Take Contrelle

Contrelle FemTech for urinary incontinence from £7.50

Don’t Be Flakey

Westlab Restoring Magnesium Bath Flakes £6.99

The Moisturiser Of Dreams

The Salcura Bioskin Zeoderm Moisturiser £19.99

Miracles Do Happen

The Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti -Redness Miracle Formula £29.99

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The collection of five medically led products has been specifically formulated to help women going through the menopause and alleviate some of the most common menopausal symptoms such as hot sweats, dry skin etc. The collection includes a Cooling Mist, All-in-One Supplement, Intimate Wash and Moisturiser and a Menopause Test Kit.

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