Memories of Roughlee

Memories of Roughlee | Poetry

by Northern Life

by Margaret Farnworth, Barrowford

These days when I walk to the top of the hills
And look down on Roughlee, my memory fills
Although the pleasure gardens are no longer there
In my mind the happy laughter still lingers in the air
Swing boats flying high, soaring into the sunny sky
Over the heads of the crowd below, swinging up high
Then swinging down low
The paddling pool full of children at play
Each one enjoying a fun packed day
Building sand castles so far from the sea
Holidays every weekend so they seemed to be
There was also a monkey who lived in a cage
And mynah bird that could talk and get in rage
There were donkeys to ride at a very slow pace
Roughlee pleasure gardens was a wonderful place
If you climbed up the steps, your breath it would take
To see all the boats afloat on the lake
You could hire a rowboat or go for a sail
There was always a queue at the back of the rail
You could take a picnic or play ball on the grass
Or see the stuffed birds and animals behind the glass
You could fish for tiddlers or pick flowers if you were able
Take them home in a jar to brighten the table
And after your visit you waited with glee,
To see if mum would buy you some tea
Or go to the shop and purchase a toy,
Lots of nice things to fill us with joy
As we walked back to Barrowford through the fields and the wood
We discussed our day in the jovial mood
Soon we were there at the top of the hill
These memories my receptive mind would fill
Although I am old now, the pleasure gardens long gone
I think about it often and for the past I long
To see those childish pleasures which brought us all such joys
But memories are all I have of those long gone girls and boys.