Meet Billy, Lancashire’s Ninja Dog

PiCK UP! biscuits winner

PiCK UP! Biscuits Announces Winner of Ninja Dog Championships

Forget Blackpool and hot-pots, the county of Lancashire has a new claim to fame:  a Ninja Dog named Billy. Today, biscuit brand PiCK UP! announces the winner of its 2015 Ninja Dog Championships – an eight-year old Jack Russell terrier called Billy from Fleetwood, Lancashire.

PiCK UP!’s nationwide hunt to find a ninja dog to be apprentice to its much-loved Ninja Chihuahua mascot launched at the beginning of March. From the six candidates, Billy from Lancashire was declared the overall winner and the ultimate ‘Dog That Demands Respect’ after receiving the greatest number of public votes.

Billy’s favourite things include strawberry yoghurt and long-legged female dogs, but he won the public over by showcasing his impressive ninja skills including unloading the clothes dryer – view his winning entry here. Not only that, he is a fully qualified support dog and his talents extend to picking up keys, opening doors and even turning lights on and off to help his owner, Carol Willoughby, who suffers from osteoarthritis and spinal damage.

PiCK UP! biscuits winner

Carol receives a £500 cash prize and a year’s supply of PiCK UP! biscuits – and she is generously choosing to donate her prize to Support Dogs, a charity that helps train dogs to serve those in need.


Carol says “Billy has always been a very special dog, but to have been chosen by the British public as the dog that demands the most respect is a great honour and I’d like to thank them for voting. The money will go a long way for Support Dogs and help train dogs like Billy to transform other people’s lives.”

Bahlsen General Manager, Jonathan Duffin, comments, ‘PiCK UP!’s distinctive ‘Dogs that Demand Respect’ campaign has been a real success. We are delighted to announce Billy as the Ninja Chihuahua’s apprentice – he is certainly a Dog That Demands Respect. We are equally pleased that Carol has decided to donate her prize money to Support Dogs – it’s a very generous gesture to a fantastic cause.”

Border collie Beau from Kent was named runner-up, and Jake, an 11-year old German Shepherd, from Middlesex came in at third place.

About PiCK UP! Biscuits

PiCK UP! Milk Chocolate is a deliciously thick slab of milk chocolate sandwiched between two crisp biscuits. The chocolate is so sacred that it’s protected by an unforgettably fearsome Ninja Chihuahua. Elusive by nature, the stealthy PiCK UP! biscuit guardian ensures the sanctity of the chocolate is maintained (of course, as a dog, he doesn’t eat them himself). More-chocolate-than-a-biscuit, you can munch on one or share them with the entire family – but don’t disrespect the chocolate. The PiCK UP! Ninja Chihuahua now also guards NEW PiCK UP! Black ‘N White – a sumptuous, silky smooth, thick slab of white chocolate perfectly complemented by two crisp chocolate flavoured biscuits.



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