McFly – Arena Dates, Summer Concerts And A New Album On The Way

Harry Judd Dougie Poynter Tom Fletcher and, Danny Jones

McFly were one of the pop sensations of the new millennium, hitting the big time as the youngest band to ever have a debut album go straight to number one, beating The Beatles’ long-standing record. Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd scored seven number 1 hits including 5 Colours In Her Hair, Obviously, All About You and Star Girl to become one of the UK’s best-loved bands.

In 2014 and 2015 MyFly teamed up with Busted to form the McBusted supergroup but, following two successful tours, the bands went their separate ways and the McFly boys also took time out to concentrate on assorted solo projects.

Now McFly are back together and, having sold out their show at London’s O2 Arena within minutes, they are now excited about their upcoming arena tour and a summer of outdoor concerts. Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter also revealed to Northern Life that they have been in the studio recording a new album for release later in the year.

“It’s really exciting, the thought of going back on tour again”

Tom Fletcher

Tom agreed that getting back together was just like old times. “Yes, We had a little gap but we’ve settled back into the swing of band-life pretty easily. The hiatus was totally unplanned, we just needed to fill that time with something. All of us in the band are creative and don’t like to sit still. We needed to do things to keep our heads satisfied. The gap was great for that, allowing us to explore our other ambitions.

“It’s really exciting, the thought of going back on tour again, and it doesn’t feel like we had a gap of four years. It’s just second nature and this is what we do although, now, we’ve all had families and kids, so it’ll be a little bit of a different tour experience for us. The conversation hasn’t really changed much, being in the band keeps you young, a little immature and nobody questions it!”

All the band members were still in their teens when they first went on tour in 2004. Dougie was the youngest, then aged just 17.


“It was like a school trip, wasn’t it?” Tom laughed. “Only there wasn’t any teachers, it was like the best school trip ever!”

“Pretty much,” Dougie agreed. “When we were younger just pulling up to a hotel was really exciting, “My God, it’s got a swimming pool!’”

“Being on stage, every night, and travelling round is a really good, fun life,” added Tom, “because you have the adrenalin rush of playing in the band on stage, really good fun. At the end of a tour you always have the first few days that are really kind of long and you don’t know what to do with yourself, that can be a bit depressing.”

McFly have eleven arena dates to look forward to in 2020, including Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds and then a visit to Scarborough Open Air Theatre, one of a series of summer shows.

“We actually start in Brazil,” Dougie said, “and then come back for rehearsals for the UK and then we tour through right the summer. Yes, a lot of shows and a lot of travelling. Everything’s great.”

It is now ten years since the last official McFly album Above The Noise although last year the band did release a series of demos, The Lost Songs, tracks intended for a subsequent album that was shelved in the wake of the McBusted project.

“These were songs that, for one reason or another, never got released and we felt we had to put them out before we could move on and make the next McFly album,” Tom explained.

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“Yes,” Dougie said, “we’ve just finished, we’ve been in the studio for the whole of the year, so far, and we finished just yesterday (2 March). We’ve just been living in the studio, which is amazing. We haven’t made any music with each other for a long time. Our last studio album was 2010.”

 “We went into the studio,” Tom continued, “without really having any ideas, just booked the studio and hoped something would happen and, luckily it did! It’s been a really great, productive start to the year. I think we’ve written some of the best songs we’ve ever written.

“It’s been the best kind of collaborative process we’ve ever had. No-one is precious about ideas, everyone’s just been throwing songs about, taking other people’s songs and working on them on their own for a while. No-one feels too attached to anything and it’s great. It’s been a really fun, relaxed writing process.”

“Danny is an absolute whizz with production,” Dougie added, “that’s what he was doing yesterday, like fine tuning… I don’t know what he was doing, EQ-ing stuff which I can’t really wrap my head around.”

The pair break into a fit of giggles, after all this time they are still teenagers at heart. “Me and Dougie have been in the band for 17 years,” Tom laughed, “and we still don’t know what anything does in the studio! Dougie knows a little bit more than me.”

“I know a few things,” Dougie replied, ”but I’m so lazy… spoilt, ‘cos my band mates do it all. So I turn up and say ‘I think it should sound like this!’ And Danny goes ‘tch tch tch’ and he makes a sound like that. It’s handy to have someone like that in the band.”

“We’re really excited about being back together,” Tom summed up, “about the band, the songs, the album and the tour, and just kind of feeling relaxed about going with the flow.”

McFly take in the following venues on their arena tour:

Sunday 26 April Liverpool M&S Bank Arena BOOK TICKETS
Monday 27 April Newcastle Utilita Arena BOOK TICKETS
Wednesday 29 April Glasgow The SSE Hydro BOOK TICKETS
Friday 1 May Manchester Arena BOOK TICKETS
Saturday 2 May Leeds First Direct Arena BOOK TICKETS
Monday 4 May Cardiff Motorpoint Arena BOOK TICKETS
Tuesday 5 May Bournemouth International Centre/BIC BOOK TICKETS
Wednesday 6 May Brighton Centre BOOK TICKETS
Friday 8 May London The SSE Wembley Arena BOOK TICKETS
Saturday 9 May Birmingham Resorts World Arena BOOK TICKETS
Sunday 10 May Nottingham Motorpoint Arena BOOK TICKETS

After a short break McFly return with a series of open air summer dates:

Saturday 23 May Bath Recreation Ground BOOK TICKETS
Sunday 5 July Inverness Bught Park BOOK TICKETS
Friday 10 July Taunton Vivary Park BOOK TICKETS
Saturday 11 July Greenwich Old Royal Naval College BOOK TICKETS
Thursday 13 August Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens BOOK TICKETS
Friday 14 August Scarborough Open Air Theatre BOOK TICKETS
Saturday 15 August Market Rasen Racecourse BOOK TICKETS
Saturday 29 August Newmarket Racecourse BOOK TICKETS

For more information and tickets please visit

Ahead of their visit to the Scarborough Open Air Theatre in August, event director Peter Taylor said: “We’re very excited to announce McFly as headliners for 2020. The boys played a sensational show here in 2013, and again as McBusted in 2014 and 2015. We are constantly being asked to bring them back and so we are delighted they’ll be back here this  summer.

“McFly are a brilliant live band who always bring a spectacular show. As proved by the rush for tickets when they announced both their O2 show and their Arena Tour, we would advise fans to not hang around getting their tickets.”