How to make a ‘Winter Warmers’ Christmas decoration

Poinsettia Winter Warmers

Will occupy the smallest of hands once all those presents have been unwrapped!


  • At least 1 large red poinsettia (13 cm diameter pot)
  • Clay pots of different sizes
  • Different fabrics with festive patterns
  • A handful of moss
  • Colourful ribbons
  • Twigs
  • Pair of pliers
  • Hot glue-gun


  1. First, glue the chosen fabric onto the clay pot using the glue gun. Any over-hanging fabric can be cut off.
  2. Wrap the colourful ribbons around the newly-wrapped pot and tie a decorative bow.
  3. Put the poinsettia into the clay pot and bed it in with moss. Afterwards, add some decorative twigs.

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