How to make a ‘Winter Star’ Christmas decoration

by Northern Life

A cool idea for the seasoned crafter


  • 4 poinsettias (13 cm diameter pot) in pink or colour of your choice
  • 4 empty plastic drinks bottles
  • 4 small plastic tubes or vials (ask your florist)
  • Quick concrete
  • If necessary, homemade cardboard funnel
  • Decorative twigs
  • Delicate ribbon
  • Metal tray (optional)
  • Sticky tape


  1. In a straight line, cut off the top of the plastic bottle. Carefully fill the plastic bottle with mixed concrete, using a make-shift funnel if necessary. Next insert the plastic tube into the centre concrete and fix it to the cut edges of the bottle using tape.
  2. Once the concrete has dried, the plastic tube can be removed from your concrete vase.
  3. Carefully cut the plastic bottle away from the concrete using scissors, removing it completely.
  4. Your homemade concrete vase is finished! Now water can be poured into the opening.
  5. Next, your cut-poinsettia bracts can be displayed in the vase. To stop the milky sap from leaking from the bract, first insert the cut stem end in hot water at 60 degrees or more, then dip it immediately into cold water. Finally, the twigs and ribbon can be decoratively arranged among the poinsettia.

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