How to make a ‘Star Wreath’ Christmas decoration

Poinsettia Star Wreath

Try your hand at serious floristry and create a stunning wreath for advent


  • 8-10 red poinsettias (13 cm diameter pot)
  • 1 basket of moss
  • 1 ring of florist foam with base (40 cm diameter)
  • 1 pack of florist pins
  • 4 large, red self-extinguishing candles
  • 10 golden stars for pinning
  • Secateurs
  • 60 degrees Celsius hot water


  1. Carefully cut the bracts from the plant using the pliers. To prevent the milky sap from leaking from the cut surface, dip the stems into 60 degrees hot water for a about 5 seconds and then immediately in cold water. Now, the stems are sealed.
  2. For an impressive Star Wreath, it’s recommended to use a ring of florist foam with a diameter of 40 cm. The foam needs to be well watered to ensure the best vase life for your poinsettia bracts. Because of this, ensure you have a plastic tray beneath your foam. Next, cover the ring of foam with a thin layer of moss, and fix with pins.
  3. Insert the poinsettia stems into the foam one after the other. To protect the stems from breaking, it’s recommended to prick the holes first by using a knitting needle. For an opulent wreath, have three rows of cut poinsettias.
  4. Fill the centre of the wreath with dry florist foam to create a space for the candle. Fill free space around the candle with moss.
  5. Finally, decorate your wreath with golden stars by inserting them into the foam as well.

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