How to make a ‘Snowball’ Christmas decorations

Poinsettia Snowball

Faux snow for a frosty festive feeling


  • 1 polystyrene dome
  • Spray glue
  • Artificial snow
  • 1 set of battery operated fairy-lights
  • 2-3 poinsettias in different colours (13 cm diameter pot)
  • Compost, if necessary


  1. First, apply the spray glue to outside of the polystyrene dome.
  2. Cover the gluey polystyrene with artificial snow, shaking off any remainder.
  3. Fill the polystyrene bowl with compost. Next, take your poinsettias out of their pots and plant them in the snow bowl.
  4. Add extra sparkle by intertwining the fairy-lights among the poinsettia leaves.

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