How to make a ‘Floating Castle’ Christmas decoration

Poinsettia Floating Castle

Plastic cups! Who’d have guessed it?


  • Several clear plastic cups (big or small)
  • 1 chain of battery operated fairy-lights
  • Several mini-poinsettias of different varieties (6 cm diameter pot)
  • A handful of moss
  • Decorative pine cones
  • Mini gold and silver Christmas baubles
  • Sisal
  • Hot glue-gun


  1. Stick the plastic cups together at the base using the glue gun until a large ball is formed.
  2. Insert the fairy-lights into the finished ball of plastic cups.
  3. Put a handful of wet moss into the base of the cups at the top of the ball. Then take the mini-poinsettias out of their pots and put them into the plastic cups, on top of the moss. Don’t forget to make sure the poinsettias are watered.
  4. Finally, add decorative embellishments like mini baubles, sisal and pine cones.

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