We may traditionally think of the internet, social media and computers as the preserve of the young, but with baby boomers becoming increasingly tech-savvy, time-rich and financially comfortable, they’re engaging with YouTube more than ever.

As part of their new campaign to promote living well in later life, Legal & General spoke with four over 50s YouTubers, with a combined following of over 150,000, to find out why they love the platform so much. They reported experiencing a wide range of benefits from sparking creativity and feeling a sense of purpose to helping them combat loneliness and come to terms with ageing.

They also shared some of their top tips for getting started with a YouTube channel. Here are some of our favourites:

1Give your channel a unique name

living well in later life

Not sure what to call your channel? Make a list of some options and share with friends and family to get their opinion. You want to come up with something memorable that could allude to the type of videos you’ll be creating (think about Keef’s cookery channel: KeefCooks).

2Share what you’re passionate about

living well in later life

Whether its food, fashion, beauty, fitness or plumbing, create videos about your passions, that way you’ll be more likely to stick with it and attract an audience with similar interests.

3Don’t give up

living well in later life

Your channel will start with 0 followers and will take a while to build up, but don’t let that dishearten you. Keep creating and, as the old saying goes, if you build it, they will come.

4Engage with your audience

living well in later life

Ensure you’re not just uploading videos and disappearing offline until it’s time to share the next one. Engage with your audience through the comment section.

5Learn the basics of editing

living well in later life

You don’t need to become an expert but learning the basics of editing early on will give your videos a more professional finish.

6Put your own unique spin on what you’re sharing

living well in later life

Don’t try to replicate the success of another YouTuber by copying their content ideas, be original. Think about what it is you want to share and get creative!

7Share videos regularly

living well in later life

If you want to build a following it’s a good idea to share videos on a regular basis. Whether that’s twice a week or once a month, stick to the same day of the week and the same time if possible. Make sure your followers know when they’ll be able to catch your newest video.

8Don’t worry if your videos aren’t perfect

living well in later life

Muddling your words occasionally shows that you’re human! You don’t necessarily need to scrap the whole thing and start again.

9Consider doing a video with your partner or a friend

living well in later life

If you’re nervous it can help to have somebody else on camera with you to keep the creativity flowing.

10Have fun!

living well in later life

Ultimately that’s what it’s all about 🙂

What do you think?

Have they convinced you to get in front of the camera and give it a go?