poetry Life is a Dream

Life is a dream

by Northern Life

By Irene Nutter, Burnley

One is born into this world, as we believe.
We enter into the bright light,
we cry or expel a scream from our lungs.
Life and all its tests have just begun.
We must sense all, in our deepest subconscious of just how much lies ahead.

From infancy it is all the basic learning skills,
all the rights and the wrongs.
Learning about the people that we have been entrusted to;
our worldly parents.
The good or the bad that are chosen to guide us
and help us to deal with all that is bestowed upon us.

From babes to young children we grow.
We want and expect more.
Sometimes we can have, sometimes not.
We feel deprived, belittled, frustrated, sad,
happy, sometimes overjoyed with our lot.

School begins. More education,
more bossy boots and more regulations.
Surely we have already sustained enough.
High school comes next; surely our brains will burst
with all this knowledge.

On top of that we have to learn about relationships
with the opposite sex.
Then sexual temptations are thrown in to the picture
but we are not permitted to partake in these new lively pursuits.
Life seems so unjust.

Some of us marry, some don’t.
Some have children, some don’t.
From love and happiness to death and grief.
We come to realise that we have been sent here to learn about
such a lot of emotions, tests and traumas, but for what purpose?
Will we ever get to grips with the real purpose of life!

The spring and summer have speedily now just disappeared.
The autumn too has just passed us all by.
All the memories come flooding back.
For everything to go so quickly, surely life must just be a dream!

If not for all the photographs and bureaucratic data
that we have amassed along the way, we would certainly
have no proof would we?

Our earthly spirit goes back to where it came from- home!
The place we couldn’t remember before we were born.
Before commencing this journey though, we smile.
We feel in our deepest subconscious that it will be a better place.
When we arrive, we will know.
Yes, just a blink of the eye, which was all just a dream.