Lawn care tips

3 lawn care tips to transform your compacted grass into a luscious lawn

by Northern Life

There is no better month than April to give your lawn a little love! The experts at Tong Garden Centre have shared a few simple lawn care tips to help you transform your compacted grass into a luscious lawn that will make others green with envy!

Feed the lawn and control weeds and moss

To keep grass green and healthy, apply a spring feed and tackle weeds and/or moss at the same time with a combined feed and weed and moss-killer. If your lawn is particularly weedy,
treat with a liquid lawn weed-killer such as Weedol Lawn Weed Killer or Resolva Lawn Weed Killer. Continue to feed your lawn fortnightly until September.

Scarify and aerate as appropriate

If you have applied a moss control product, the moss will turn black within a couple of days so you’ll need to rake it out using a spring tine rake with good downward pressure or a scarifier, which is useful for larger areas. The lawn will look a bit of a mess immediately afterwards, but it doesn’t take long to recover and will benefit greatly from this treatment. Any areas which are compacted or which were heavily infested with moss will benefit from being spiked to a depth of about 6cm with a garden fork or aerator, at intervals of about 30cm.

Overseed your lawn

Over-seeding a lawn is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to rejuvenate and thicken grass. Essentially, over-seeding is the application of grass seed over an existing lawn. The seed is applied at roughly half the rate of that given for sowing a new lawn. If you do overseed in spring, avoid putting a high nitrogen lawn fertiliser on until the seed is established.