Kindle Oasis review: The all new Kindle Oasis is set to make a splash… literally


It’s a whole ten years since the release of the first Amazon ereader, and it’s not been smooth sailing all the way. Amazon’s latest iteration of the Kindle, the Kindle Oasis, seems to be making waves in the world of ereaders.

If our water related wordplay hasn’t been clue enough, the biggest step forward is that the latest Kindle Oasis is waterproof. It’s slightly on the pricey side (by comparison to previous Kindles) but we reckon the new Kindle Oasis is the best ereader yet.

Kindle Oasis review

But just how waterproof is it?

Well, put it this way… imagine slipping into hot bubble bath with a good read on your Kindle – but then disaster – your Kindle slips from your over-relaxed grip and plunges beneath the bubbles. Game-over? I don’t think so! In fact you could probably leave it in there till you’ve finished your bath and it would still be ok (just to be clear, we’re not actively encouraging chucking your Kindle in the bath!). The all new Kindle Oasis is IPX8 rated, meaning it is protected against immersion in up to two metres of fresh water for up to 60 minutes. It’s built to withstand getting splashed at the beach or dropped in the bath, hot tub or pool.

When can I get it and how much?

You don’t have to wait too long. The Kindle Oasis is due to be released on 31st October but you can pre-order now.

The standard 8GB Wi-Fi version comes in at £229.99. You can also get 32GB Wi-Fi version (£259.99) or if you need to download books whilst on the move, they do a 3G version (£319.99). By-the-way, Amazon pays for the 3G connectivity so there are no unexpected costs.


How does it compare to other ereaders?

The all new Kindle Oasis is equiped with the same amazing glare free screen that other Kindles are furnished with, but the display is larger at 7 inches and higher resolution (300ppi) so it reads like printed paper. It’s slightly heavier than some of its predecessors but it feels really nice in the hand. The extra weight is probably due its all-metal design (another first for the Kindle) but the aluminum material doesn’t feel slippery at all.

In terms of covering your Kindle Oasis you have a choice of water-safe fabric standing covers at £39.99 or the premium leather standng cover at £54.99.

There’s more…

With the all new Kindle Oasis you’ll have access to Amazon’s ebook store, which gives you the most comprehensive ebook store to buy from, plus you can use services such as Kindle Unlimited or, if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, Prime Reading.

Unlike its predecessor, the Kindle Oasis also works with Audible titles. If you use the audiobook service from Amazon you’ll be able to listen to them on your Oasis with the use of Bluetooth headphones or a speaker.



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