With just four months (137 days to be precise) to go until Christmas, the countdown is on! For parents, this means the fun task of planning ahead to ensure their favourite toys and gifts are scooped up.

With all the family time we’ve been spending together in lockdown, nostalgia toys are high on the list this year, as parents reflect on their favourite gifts of yesteryear. There’s also a trend towards practical gifts with durability, as we look for long-lasting items. So, if you’re starting to think about filling your festive stockings, here’s ten of the latest must-have children’s gifts and toys, from newborn through to 10 years old. All items available from Amazon, prices correct at time of writing.

10LEGO Super Mario Adventures (6+)

What would Christmas be without the classic gift of Lego? For all the throwback feels, Super Mario is back and more interactive than ever before. This adventure playset features your favourite characters with colour sensors, LCD screens in his eyes and over 100 different reactions to movement bringing them to life. Hours of endless fun guaranteed!

9Marvel Heroes Goo Jit Zu  – Large Hulk (4+)

Marvel Superheroes have brought theIncredible Hulk to the world of Goo Jit Zu, and it’s already in popular demand. Stretching up to three times its size, you can stretch, squish and twist the gooey figurine, which withstands even the strongest of toddler tantrums.

8KidiZoom Studio Camera (5+)

Fuel your future YouTubers’ dreams with this all-in-one home studio kit from VTech. Along with a green screen and dozens of special effects, it allows you to bring home videos, gift unboxing and much more to life. Available in red and blue.

7Scooby Doo© Mystery Machine Toy (5+)

The recent Scooby Doo movie is sure to have reignited your love for the ‘pesky’ mystery solvers! Bring a piece of the action to your living room with this 72 piece Playmobil van, fully equipped with Scooby snacks, monster-hunting tools and figures of Fred, Velma and Daphne.

6The Vroom-Vroom Plate and Track (6 months +)

Take dining up a gear and get your little ones to eat their sprouts on Christmas Day, with this genius parent hack from Munchy Play! Designed by a mum to bring kids to the table, the plate features a fully functional track for use with their favourite cars. Practical and fun.

5Rollin’ Rovee (6+ months – 5 years)

For an activity toy that grows with your child, this toy has four levels of learning and fun. From the early days of crawling to more advanced playing, it’s a great investment for families.

4Star Wars Animatronic Baby Yoda (4+)

The force is strong with this breakout toy of the year. If you’re looking for a fun that doubles up as a collector’s item, this entertaining toy has over 25 sound combinations including facial movements and sounds. If you’re not getting a puppy, Baby Yoda will do!

3The Crystal Maze Board Game (10+)

Board games and Christmas go together like Baileys and Grandparents! Rekindling all your happy memories from growing up with just four channels, this board game version of the hit TV show is great for families. It’s packed with an assortment of mental, mystery, skill and physical games, for Boxing Day and beyond.

2Play-Doh Animal Crew, Cluck-a-Dee (3+)

Offering creative inspiration for rainy days indoors, you’ll be smart to stock up. This latest release brings a touch of humour to Play-Doh lovers with a chicken (that looks remarkably like a festive turkey) sprouting feathers.

1Slime, by David Walliams (7+)

Everyone needs a good book for Christmas, and David Walliams has come up with the goods once again. Set on the Isle of Mulch, this ‘slimealicious’ read features a boy called Ned, and surprise surprise… lots of slime!



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