Job sectors that are growing in Northern England


Over the past 18 months, employment has hit an all-time low. Businesses in all industries have been forced to shut their doors, but there are many sectors which have been hit particularly hard and skilled workers have been made redundant with very little notice. As a result,individuals across the country, but particularly in the Northern regions are now seeking opportunities in different sectors to expand their horizons. Interestingly, the financial crisis has a positive impact in the North, with new businesses choosing to set up knowing that there is a pool of candidates looking for hiring prospects. In this guide, we’re going to check out some of the key sectors which are growing in Northern England.


With a lot of most physical stores being forced to shut their doors during the height of the pandemic, buyers turned to online shopping in order to purchase goods. The trend has continued to this day and has since created plenty more job opportunities in this sector – particularly in the Manchester region. With companies now outfitted to take on larger order volumes, there has been a significant rise in hiring for roles within supply chain, delivery and online customer service to name just a few. The industry turnover is expected to grow at an annual rate of 15.4% in the next five years with a profit of almost £52 billion.


Manufacturing has always been a sector in demand for skilled employees, however, it has grown substantially in the Yorkshire region in recent years. One of the most specific areas within manufacturing is mobile technology due to the large volume of orders from overseas. As a result, more job roles are opening up to local people within the local without necessarily having any prior experience. Apprenticeships are currently at an all-time high for both new and existing workers to improve their knowledge and skillset, with the intention of progressing to management roles.


With the UK economy recovering from the impacts of 2021 as a financial year, COVID-19, the finance sector has become one of the sectors which is in desperate need of fresh talent. Manchester, in particular, has seen substantial growth within the sector, meaning there is an abundance of opportunities for individuals with a business or math’s-based background. One of the reasons for this growth may be because stocks are now also on the road to recovery which has opened up new financial opportunities. What’s more, there’s never been a better time to get into trading. You can check out the companies listed on the FTSE 100 in which you could experiment with spread betting and CFD trading.


Within the utility sector in the Yorkshire region, companies are looking to recruit specialists in energy, electrics and gas, but there has been a particular spike in demand for highly skilled professionals such as computing. This is most likely due to the significant development that technology is having on many industries, including utilities and adapting how processes are operated.



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