Support Jayne who will be running the London Marathon for a cause very close to her heart

It’s a big year for Jayne Morgan, 49, from Colne. But it’s not turning the big 5-0 that’s going to be the most important event of her year – it’s running the London Marathon in April. Jayne is going to be running the 2018 London Marathon for Bone Cancer Research after losing friends to the disease.

“I got the medal, the aches, the pains and lost my toe nails!”

“I didn’t realise there was no cure,” Jayne explains, “so I’m raising funds to help them. I recently lost a friend just before Christmas and my eldest son’s mother-in-law. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer and it spread to her bones. She only lasted two weeks.”

Bone cancer is a very rare form of cancer and makes up only 0.2% of all the cancers diagnosed in the United Kingdom. Unlike most cancers, bone cancer affects many different age groups from children right through to the elderly. Hard to diagnose, it’s often mistaken for sports injuries, sprains and other muscular conditions.

It’s a cause that’s close to Jayne’s heart and this won’t be the first marathon she’s run in aid of the charity. Jayne’s journey with running actually started in January last year when she entered the Manchester Marathon with her trainer, Danny Pilkington who works at Pure Gym, Colne. She got round but she admits she’ll be doing things differently this time around.

Jayne Morgan“I didn’t train properly for the Manchester Marathon but I intend to train properly for this one!” Jayne laughs: “My knees gave up on me but I got round! I got the medal, the aches, the pains and lost my toe nails! You do suffer but it’s worth it if you can help a charity.

“I always had the ambition to run a marathon. I lost my son, Samuel from cot death in 2003 and I always said I’d run a marathon for him!”


Although Jayne is running marathons now, she admits she still hates running and can find it boring. I wonder how she combats that…

“Run with someone and don’t think of it as a chore. It’s a great way to lose weight and meet people. Join a running club, there’s loads of Couch to 5k programmes out there.”

Her training schedule includes her running every other day and by March she will be running eighteen miles on top of all her usual gym classes.

“That’s from here to Preston!” Jayne tells me when I ask her how far that is.

I’m tired just listening to her so I think I’ll leave the marathon running to Jayne.

If you’d like to sponsor her and support this worthy cause go to and if you see her training don’t forget to wave!

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