It’s Christmas

by Northern Life

Gillian Herbert, Colne

Mummy told me it’s Christmas, and what do you think.
I’ll have to leave carrots for reindeers and Santa a drink.
But I’m only four and not sure what to do.
I think I’ll ask Milly to give me a clue.
I looked for Milly and told her my plight.
Have I really to do this on Christmas Eve night?
“Don’t worry, I’ll help you, I’ve done it before.
We’ll just leave it outside right by the door.
Then hang your big stocking on the chimney wall.”
But mine is so tiny, and very small.
Think I’ll borrow Dad’s, it’s bigger than mine.
I’ll write him a note saying ‘borrowed this time’.
So Santa though you’re busy as you come flying by
Please pop in and eat the mince pie.
I made it with Milly, it’s fall of good cheer
And we’ve even left you a full can of beer.
Dad says it’s really good and you’ll enjoy it!