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Interesting and useful pets to keep in your garden

by Northern Life

We are a nation of animal lovers in whatever shape or form these come. Having pets in your gardens helps to make our homes feel complete. Sometimes, having pets in your garden can be a barrier to having all that we want in this outdoor space. For instance, if you have a dog, you will want to keep your garden as a lawn.

Imagine, though, if you could have your pet and a wonderful garden too. There are animals you can keep that can help you create amazing spaces, even in a domestic setting. You might not want to fully commit to a smallholding or become a small-scale farmer; you can create a great area for animals that will add your sense of contentment and wellbeing.

Here are 12 species that could be fun to keep as pets and are useful in a garden.


Worms are the gardeners’ best friend and are fascinating creatures. You can keep special composting worms as a pet, and they can help you avoid any wasted food in your household. These worms will busily eat and process the waste and recycle it into great nutrients for your garden.


There is nothing more beautiful in a garden than a well-designed pond. Filling this pond with fish, such as koi, can be a stunning addition to any space. A water feature adds a sense of calmness to your garden that can be useful for your wellbeing.


Bees are essential to the health of our planet, acting as powerful pollinators. Honeybees are also a source of honey for your table, and they don’t take up too much room in your garden. Doing some background reading into the keeping of bees is advisable, but you will soon be fascinated by our buzzing buddies.


Keeping livestock in your garden might seem like a leap, but it is completely possible to keep chickens. It is a highly rewarding experience, and you are likely to end up with an endless supply of eggs. There are none more entertaining than chickens of all the livestock you can keep. It doesn’t end there. Chickens keep pests down by eating slugs and the like and then producing manure that is amazing for your garden.


Another bird that can help with pest control is the duck. They love slugs even more than chickens do and can also provide all the eggs, manure, and entertainment. The downside to ducks is their need for water, so you will need access to a river and be prepared for the mud.


The quail is a less commonly known bird you can keep in your garden. These birds lay tiny but delicious eggs and don’t take up a lot of space. If you keep the birds in between fruiting shrubs and protect them from both the cold and rodent attacks, they will offer interest in your garden.


A rabbit is a more common family pet that can be kept outdoors in a hutch and can be a useful way to keep the length of your lawn down. Rabbit manure is also excellent for your garden and is available in your garden immediately without the need for composting. Two notes of warning, the rabbit may need to come indoors for the winter, and they have a habit of digging, so mostly keeping them in an enclosed space is best.


If your garden is a little larger, you might have room for goats. These creatures are fun and characterful but also the master of escape. If you can keep them, you can milk the females and turn the milk into cheese.


If you are prepared for some serious livestock ownership, there is nothing more useful than a flock of sheep. If you have a large area with lots of grass, these beauties can keep the lawn short without the mower. They also provide a yield of wool. Be aware; you will need a lot of space and an effective sheep shelter.


Alpaca have become quite trendy in recent years and are a great addition to a larger property. They are resilient creatures and fun to be around. Their hair is used to make fibre and is great to sell or craft with.


Animals make a massive contribution to our lives, and from a wormery to a hive to a sheep pen, we can use our gardens to welcome them into our gardens.