Festival season is well underway, with people across the country pulling out their most garish outfits, smothering themselves with glitter and stocking up on baby wipes.

From Leeds and Reading to Love Box and Creamfields, no summer is complete without a festival experience but festivals certainly have their pitfalls…

New research by coconut water brand, Vita Coco, reveals the biggest festival pet peeves, and we bet you can relate:

People pushing in front of the queue whilst you wait (92%)

If there’s one thing us Brits are good at, it’s queuing. However, one way to test our patience is to push your way in front of us after we’ve been waiting patiently for hours, bearing rucksacks and tents in the hot sun. Get to the back.

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Already a week since we stood in the mega-queue. We were very lucky and only waited 3 hours, felt for the people who waited for 10 or 11 hours to get in. I would apologise for all the Boomtown spam but reliving the amazingness through mine (and everyone else’s) pictures and videos is helping ease my blues ever so slightly. At least it wasn’t raining while we were waiting! Only 364 days till Boomtown 2018 ❤️ #Boomtown2017 #Boomtown17 #BoomtownFestival #Boomtown #BoomtownChapter9BehindtheMask #BoomtownChapter9 #festival #festivalqueue #megaqueue #Boomtownqueue #aweekagoalready #7dayaago #weekago #lastthursday #bestweekend #amazing #whatanexperience #experience #summer2017 #festivallife #firstboomtown #takemeback #throwbackthursday

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Portaloos, Portaloos and Portaloos…

If there’s one thing us Brits are good at, it’s queuing. However, one way to test our patience is to push your way in front of us after we’ve been waiting patiently for hours, bearing rucksacks and tents in the hot sun. Get to the back.

The burden of all festivals – the dreaded portaloo. We’re not sure anything nice can be said about portaloos but some of our biggest complaints are:

  • They NEVER have any loo roll 
  • They’re ALWAYS smelly and disgusting
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Being pushed around in a crowd (87%)

It turns out we have a love-hate relationship with crowds. It’s all fun and games until someone’s stood on your toe five times and spilt half a pint down your new outfit.

Expensive food and drink (82%)

All that drinking and dancing really works up an appetite but we’ll never get over the extortionate price of a burger in our time of need. Goodbye savings!

Not being able to take a shower (79%) 

We’ve bulk bought the baby wipes, cleansing pads and dry shampoo but there’s nothing that can mask the smell after four days of jumping around a muddy field and sleeping in a tent. We’ll try to embrace our natural scent.

Having to charge your phone when it runs out of battery (73%)

Enjoy your phone while you can because there’s no way it’s coming out alive, power pack or not. Our selfies always look better on the first two days anyway… 

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• Take Your ̶M̶̶o̶̶n̶̶d̶̶a̶̶y̶ Tuesday & Dip it in Glitter • … OK, so this post was meant to brighten up a Monday, but as I didn’t have time yesterday and today is even more over cast here it is. … Ain’t nothing more sparkly and fantastic as the @ootoclothing Shop at @glastofest Lots of amazing jewellery, kimonos, fluff, glitter, sequins and these amazing headbands from @picapicafeathers … Vic styled it to perfection and as far as she was making them up they were being snapped up. It’s got to be a rule that you must come away from at least one Festival Garm to add to your collection. … I’ve been following & @wheresmytentblog For a while now and the message that they have been spreading about sustainable and ethical fashion. I’ve really taken on board what they have been talking about and have managed to find some fab UK brands through their posts. @picapicafeathers & @ootoclothing Being just 2 of them. … I’ve also taken to using @depop & @ebay_uk To find secondhand – barely used items!! Yesterday I got a @loonigans Bodysuit that I’m looking forward to wearing at @campbestival ! … What’s your go to festival fashion look? … Headband – @picapicafeathers Sequin cape – @asos Glitter @thegypsyshrine Body & shorts – @topshop Bumbag – @ebay_uk Side note … you can’t see it here but these shorts were short!! It was an absolute chore getting these off and on – like seriously it would take at least 5 mins of me tugging them down. The heat made my thighs implode – so I want to do a massive shout out to @ivyverdure For their #irelief anti chaffing stick. It worked like a charm !! Seriously this isn’t as Ad it’s just a must have for the bigger thighed Gal. @mumofmadlads Got you to thank for bringing this to my attention … sandals now Chafe sticks #influencer 😂 • • • • #glastonbury #glastonbury2019 #glastonburyfestival #glasto #glastofest #ukfestivals #festivallife #festivalblogger #festivalfashion #festival #musicfestival #festivaloutfit #oooclothing #sustainablefashion #picapicafeathers #shopsmall

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People on shoulders in a crowd (67%)

We get it. A shoulder selfie is a must at a festival but please don’t ruin our view for the whole set as we watch our favourite band. 

The rain and mud (66%)

No matter how prepared we think we are, the great British weather will always throw a curveball at us which no amount of wellies and raincoats can prepare us for. A bit of rain and mud won’t stop us though.

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Waking up too warm or cold in a tent (60%)

There’s nothing like waking up with your hair stuck to the side of the tent with sweat or shivering and cocooned inside a sleeping bag. There’s no ideal temperature when it comes to camping and this is only made worse by the fact that we’re probably hungover and sleep deprived. 

Sleeping in a tent for 2-3 days (52%)

Another thing on tents, they’re definitely not made for comfort. They’re meant for Bear Grylls-type explorers and we’re NEVER sleeping in one again. Until next year. 

What to pack – your festival survival essentials 

  • Baby wipes – for everything from a body wash, quick tent spruce and scrubbing the mud out of your hair
  • Vaseline – lips, cuts and even glitter application
  • Plasters – essential with new wellies and emergency tent pole fixing
  • Grenade bars – backpack essentials to keep you going through the day and night
  • Coconut water – The ultimate hangover savour and hydration hit
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