Knaresborough Bed Race

IN PICTURES: Knaresborough Bed Race

by Northern Life

On Saturday, 10th June, we visited Knaresborough’s 52nd annual Bed Race. The race started at 3pm thereafter the parade at 1pm where locals dressed themselves, and their floats, up in fancy dress costumes from Disney’s ‘The Incredibles’ to the 1980’s hit “Ghostbusters’. Each year the Bed Race features 90 teams of six runners and a passenger – that’s 630 people sweating around the course. In addition, scores of local handymen and dress-makers get drafted in to decorate the beds and adorn the runners. Tons of people line the streets to cheer on those running and hundreds turn up and volunteer to marshall the event. The Bed Race lasted around 30 minutes as the runners completed the 2.4 mile course, the fastest completing it in 12 minutes!

Photos by Mark Davis