White cloud made of fluffy cotton over an ice cream cone against pastel blue background. Freezing icy cold weather concept.

Ice Cream Meditation

by Melva Burton

1. Decide what flavour of ice cream to eat. Maybe try something new.

2. Place some scoops in a bowl. Pause and look closely. Really observe the texture and colours. Spend a few moments letting your eyes soak up every detail.

3. Now take in the smell. Notice what is happening in your mouth and whether you are salivating as you anticipate the experience of eating it. Notice the feelings in your body.

4. Place the first spoonful on your tongue and notice what happens. Feel the sensations of melting and notice the way the flavours are released as theice cream dissolves. Resist the temptation to gulp it down. Let the flavours linger.

5. When you feel that you have fully experienced all that this spoonful has to offer swallow it and notice how your mouth feels now.

6. Repeat with another spoonful of ice cream. Really experience it instead of rushing on to the next one. Enjoy all the flavours, smells and sensations as you linger with each mouthful.

7. When you have finished your ice creamspend a moment or two reflecting on whether this was different from yourusualice cream experience.

Adapted from Vidyamala Burch’s ice cream meditation in her book ‘Mindfulness for Women’..