BOOK REVIEW: Hunting the Eagles


By Ben Kane Arrow, paperback, £6.99 BUY THIS BOOK

Ben Kane has the ability to transform the reader into a member of the Roman Army with all the conflicting emotions such mortals might have had. Centurion Tullus, demoted in a previous book after three legions, including his, were ambushed and 15,000 killed in the Teutonburg Forest, now catches the eye and the support of the Emperor’s nephew. With the opportunity of returning to the front line and given the opportunity for revenge and the recovery of the three Golden Eagles captured, including that of his own 18th Legion, Tullus and the handful of men he helped escape the ambush figure in a bloodthirsty – and ale-downing – venture to defeat the leader of the enemy hordes, Arminius. As Rome fights back, the enemy retaliates with strength and guarantees another saga of battle, blood and bravado. There is plenty of action as Tullus plays a leading role in the ensuing conflict, seeking to regain his eagle and tarnished reputation. Ben Kane brings the history of the period to life and his meticulous research has once again created a novel which it is hard to put down, and even harder waiting for the sequel which is obviously to come.




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