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How to check if your ESTA is still valid?

by Northern Life


ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization is an automated system that helps determine the eligibility to travel to the United States. It will take into consideration whether the visitor is eligible for travel under the Visa Waiver Program.

The process of obtaining a visa to travel to the United States can often be complex. This is the reason many temporary visitors often look up to ESTA as it is more convenient for temporary visits. If you wish to visit the country for temporary visits or business purposes, you can certainly choose to get a permit from the ESTA. 

If you’re wondering how long is an ESTA valid for, this guide will help resolve all your concerns. It will answer your questions related to the validity and when you need to reapply for ESTA. 


Does ESTA expire? 

You should note that ESTA expires two years from the date when it was issued. However, the situation may be different if your passport is expiring before that formal date. If your passport is expiring before two years, then ESTA will ideally end your travel permit on that date when the passport expires. Hence, you must also keep an eye on the expiration of your passport. It will ideally help you plan your travel to the US and ensure that you don’t face any issues. 


Can I reapply for ESTA after it expires? 

There is no provision for renewal of ESTA after it expires. However, you can certainly reapply for the same after it has expired. You will ideally have to apply for a new one and follow the same procedure. You must keep these things in mind while planning your trip to the United States. 


I’m in the United States and my ESTA expires. What should I do? 

You have a time span of two years until your ESTA expires. If you’re entering the United States in that time period, then your travel will be considered legal. You won’t have to worry about the fact that you are in the country and your ESTA has expired. Besides this, you will not have to reapply or face any issues while leaving the country. However, you must ensure that your passport is valid if you’re traveling to the country. An invalid passport will lead to an expiration of ESTA, which can impact all your travel plans. 


Are there any deadlines or restrictions for ESTA reapplication? 

You must note that you can apply for ESTA application as many times as you want. There are no restrictions or deadlines for reapplication. You can reapply right after the previous one has ended. However, you must note that the US government doesn’t allow you to revise the information that was filled in the form. They do not allow changing the information owing to security concerns. Hence, you must be very cautious and specific while filling out the form. If there was an error, you will ideally have to reapply for ESTA. There are no provisions for revising or changing the information. 


Does a baby need ESTA? 

Yes, all travelers will need ESTA to be eligible for travel in the United States. Additionally, it is valid for two years, irrespective of age and gender. 

These are some of the critical things you must keep in mind while applying for ESTA.