How long do you spend getting ready for Christmas Day?

Getting ready for Christmas

There’s always so much to do – from decorating the house to buying presents, preparing dinner to sorting family politics – it’s probably not surprising therefore that the average Brit will spend the equivalent of two full days getting ready for Christmas Day!

Most Brits will spend 49 hours getting ready for the big day with eight of those hours spent shopping and wrapping presents while another three hours and 23 minutes is taken up with deciding what to wear to Christmas parties.

What about writing Christmas cards? Four hours! While Christmas dinner will take up a whopping five minutes and 36 minutes.

The study, commissioned by Next, also revealed that a quarter of Brits start thinking about Christmas as early as the first week in October in the hope ofhaving everything done in time.

Getting ready for Christmas

Speaking on behalf of Next, a spokesperson said: “For many, planning for Christmas is something they approach like a military operation. While you may not think it takes up a lot of your time – the little tasks here and there do add up over the weeks leading up to Christmas.”

2,000 adults took part in the study with one in eight Brits buying their first gift by September 1st and the majority order their turkey by December 10th at the latest!


But what else was found?

A third of Brits have their trees and decorations up by December 1st and 77 per cent admit to making an effort to be more prepared at Christmas. 28 per cent of us also find planning for Christmas ‘stressful’.

getting ready for Christmas

Even with all the planning in the world, it’s inevitable that something willfall through the cracks with 31 per cent of Brits admitting they will forget to send Christmas cards.

Four in 10 won’t remember to pick up batteries to power new toys, and a fifth will settle down to wrap some presents – only to find they’ve forgotten to buy the wrapping paper.

One in 20 have even, at some point, forgotten to put their turkey in the oven on Christmas morning – leading to agonising delays for the main meal.

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  • Where to travel and how long to stay at each place – 3hrs 32mins
  • What to wear to the Christmas party – 3hrs 23mins
  • Your Christmas decorations – 4hrs 02mins
  • Hosting a Christmas party – 4hrs 41mins
  • What time to take as annual leave from work – 3hrs 44mins
  • How to keep the kids entertained during their school break – 5hrs 07mins
  • Your outfit for the big day itself – 3hrs 20mins
  • Buying and wrapping presents – 8hrs 01mins
  • Sending Christmas cards – 3hrs 58mins
  • General festive budgeting – 4hrs 38mins


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