How Immersive Art Exhibitions Travel to Reach New Audiences

by Northern Life

The world’s best art is now easier to access than ever before, bringing famous pieces to life for people all over the planet. By looking at one of the most successful immersive art exhibitions to have travelled the world, we can see how they work and in what ways they’ve introduced the public to famous art conveniently.

“Van Gogh Exhibition: The Immersive Exper” by woodleywonderworks

The Different Van Gogh Experiences

The first thing you’ll notice when looking for an immersive Van Gogh experience near you is that several shows of this type travel the world. While the price and quality vary widely, the original exhibition goes by the name of Van Gogh: The Immersive Exhibition, and it’s available in New York. From that basis, renowned digital artist Massimiliano Siccardi designed the show called Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit, which travels the world and tells viewers the story of Vincent van Gogh’s life and work.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is a permanent exhibition held in York St Mary’s in England, with projections and interactive segments that bring 200 of the painter’s works to life. This show has also been shown in other places, like Bradford, allowing more people to see it without travelling far.

How Art Exhibitions Travel to Educate and Inspire Us

This is just one example of how art reaches more people as part of interactive shows that travel the planet to increase their audiences. Apart from the convenience of seeing famous pieces of art closer to home, these exhibitions also give visitors a close-up look from a unique perspective and with additional multimedia aspects, making it arguably easier to appreciate the work than is possible in its original setting.

It’s not just the most valuable paintings that have become more immersive and accessible. The latest technology lets us take online art classes or stream documentaries and movies about our favourite artists and their work, like this entertaining video of Picasso creating a masterpiece right in front of your eyes or the Andy Warhol Diaries you can watch on Netflix. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime has Timothy Spall playing the lead role in Mr Turner, and a look at Van Gogh’s art brought to life in Loving Vincent.

This new approach should ensure that more people from different walks of life are inspired by art in numerous ways. Gaming is an industry where game developers create video games and mobile slot games inspired by various art movements and design styles. Advanced graphics and artistic elements are included in some games, while others have a simple yet striking colourful background.

Exhibit: Michelangelo’s The Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition by dbking



Rather than having to travel the world, we can also make a virtual visit to galleries like the Louvre in Paris and the National Gallery in London. The virtual reality project by the Louvre to let us see the Mona Lisa at home in an immersive setting is one of the best examples of how this approach can help us appreciate world-famous pieces more easily.

Expect to see more immersive art exhibitions travel the planet, while this new approach to art will also let us know the beauty and art in many other aspects of life more easily.