How Boho Can You Go?

by Northern Life

This boho-style wall hanging makes a stunning focal point in any room and is the perfect hanging shelf for a geranium display.

Boho Floral Wall Hanging

You will need the following:

• A wooden branch (longer than the intended width of the finished hanging.)
• Wooden board
• Drill
• Strong jute twine
• Macramé yarn
• Wooden beads
• Scissors
• Geraniums and decorations

Here’s how to make it:

1. Cut a length of jute string and tie it to the ends of our branch. This loop will later be used to hang your wall display.
2. Cut the twine and macramé yarn to your desired length, then loop them over the branch in bundles of three to five lengths.
3. Pass the ends of the twine or yarn through the loop you have made and tighten. Weave braids from some bundles and finish each braid with a knot. For others, let the individual strings hang loosely.
4. Tie other bundles together at different points down their length with different coloured twine, or string them together with beads.
5. Saw the board to the width you’d like your wall hanging (remember to make it slightly shorter than your branch) and drill a hole in all four corners.
6. Divide the outer two bundles and put half of the strings through each pre-drilled hole. Then tie the strings under the board so the knots hold it level and in place.
7. Finally, suspend up your wall hanging using the hanging loop and dress the shelf with flowering geraniums for A blooming wall decoration.