interior trends

Forever or Fad?

by Northern Life

By Jayson Branch, creative director, Castrads

Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz and the interiors press are constantly showing us what design trends are “in” but things can change very quickly in the world of interiors. As the interiors industry shifts to a ‘fast fashion’ model where new products are available faster and cheaper than ever before, where does this leave home owners? Here are our top tips for which home trends to pass on to save you time and money…

A perfect match

“Achieve a unique look that’s not lifted from a catalogue”

Buying a matching set of furniture may seem like a shortcut to achieving a co-ordinated style, but the result often lacks character. Instead, buy one major piece of furniture which you love, then complement it with items from another manufacturer in a similar colour, material or design period to tie the room together. It will be worth the extra effort to achieve a unique look that’s not lifted from a catalogue.

Dallas 3 Seater Sofa, Charm Midnight Premium Leather

Dallas 3 Seater Sofa, Charm Midnight Premium Leather £1,399

Out with the old

The minimalist trend may be here to stay, but the pursuit of clean lines and a ‘contemporary’ vibe shouldn’t be at the expense of original features and family heirlooms. Bring your tired antiques into the 21st Century by juxtaposing the designs with bright, pastel or metallic finishes. You could also repurpose them to fit in with your modern theme – reupholster dining chairs or foot stalls, or add over mount basins to a chest of draws to create a stylish bathroom vanity.

Colour clashing

Never clash warm and cool colours as it can make a room feel chaotic and distracting. Instead, match colours to the function of the room, for instance warmer tones such as beiges, oranges, reds and yellows to energise social spaces like the dining and living rooms. Cooler tones like blues, greens, purples and greys will add a more relaxing theme to your bedroom, bathroom or office.

Toria Grey patterned jacquard double duvet cover

Toria Grey patterned jacquard double duvet cover £100 Habitat

Copper and marble container

Copper and marble container £30 French Connection


The white-on-white trend is never likely to go out of fashion, but it will always be a big commitment in terms of upkeep. Nothing catches the eye more than when something is out of place. If you want to keep things simple, introduce colour accents through accessories, greenery and wallpaper to add depth and texture.

Copper overload

With so many copper items available for our homes, it’s easy to go overboard. A little copper goes a long way so use sparingly to add a warm glow to a room, especially when contrasted with light natural materials like wood and stone. While not a trend to avoid completely, restraint here is key to achieve a sophisticated look.

 John Lewis Isaac Ball Task Light, Copper

Isaac Ball Task Light, Copper, £55 John Lewis

Quote art

‘Live, Laugh, Love’ either framed or stencilled on to the wall will soon lose its motivational effect. Instead, hang your favourite paintings or photographs which will evoke the same emotions and remind you to keep smiling in a far more personal way.

Print by Lizzie Prestt

London Jungle 50 x 70cm print by Lizzie Prestt, £45 Habitat

Jute & Textured Cotton Cushion

Jute & Textured Cotton Cushion £45.00 French Connection

Throw pillows

It is very easy to become addicted to buying throw pillows – they’re abundant, affordable and an easy way to incorporate the latest interiors trend into a room. However, soon a sensible scattering of throw pillows can become a mountainous pile, making it impossible for you to relax or even fit on your sofa. We would advise having a maximum of three or four – and employing a ‘one-in-one-out’ system!