6Herringbone-patterened floors

Home trends 2018

If statement ceilings transform a room from the top down, then herringbone floors elevate it from the ground up, the centuries-old pattern adds style and dimension.


Home trends 2018

The trend toward indoor plants has taken root, favour spaces with vibrant green foliage and pops of colourful flowers.

4Large-scale art

Home trends 2018

A single striking piece is just as impactful as a gallery wall. In this European-inspired home, a
graphic photo of a woman against stark white walls instills a gallery-like feel. You can find a huge range of reasonably priced original artwork at artgallery.co.uk.

3Spa-like bathrooms

Home trends 2018

From luxurious showers to exquisite tiles, spa-like sanctuaries have continued to gain momentum on Pinterest. Natural textures and neutral colour schemes – like the relaxed grey and white palette are also right on trend.

2Statement ceilings

Home trends 2018

Dubbed the fifth wall of a room, a statement ceiling transforms a space from the top down with intricate texture or bold colour. This rather eclectic bedroom, embraces a arched ceiling design to complement the rustic wallpaper.

1Mixed metals

Home trends 2018

Metals shine in any room, so it’s no surprise that searches for mixed metal finishes were up 423 per cent last year. Try a brass side table and chrome task lamp add interest to a neutral space.



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