home comforts in the garden

Home comforts – in the garden

by Northern Life

With summer quickly approaching, homeowners across the UK are busy readying their gardens for entertaining and relaxing outdoors. A growing trend over the past few years, the movement toward garden ‘decorating’ is expected to reach new heights this season as homeowners look to infuse their outdoor spaces with the comforts and conveniences of the indoors. Here are a few tips for making the most of any garden or terrace – no matter the shape or size.

Furnish for four seasons

Thanks to the advances in all-weather materials and furnishings, homeowners can now outfit an outdoor living space in much the same way as any other room in the home. A composite decking made of 95% recycled materials, Trex delivers an elegant ‘flooring’ requiring minimal maintenance. Designed to resist fading, scratching and mould growth, it is superior to wooden decking which can rot, warp or crack and is splinter-free and stain-resistant. Even after years of spills, splashes and mishaps, it will remain a familyfriendly choice.

Create coverage

A pergola can act as an extension of your house, creating the effect of an outdoor room. The overhead framing contributes to the architectural details of your space – not to mention shade from the harsh summer heat. Consider adding a waterproof, retractable canopy into the structure so you can enjoy your outdoor space rain or shine.

Illuminate with lighting

Outdoor lighting can significantly extend the amount of time you’re able to spend enjoying your outdoor space. It also adds ambience and enhances safety. Homeowners can choose from a wide array of lighting solutions from string lights and lanterns to specially designed deck and landscape lighting. Try using different schemes such as coloured lights for a holiday theme or a football team’s colours to light up the landscape for a big game night. Set up lighting schemes using softer tones to highlight different plants. Add flair with personal touches – Integrate personal charm and style into your garden décor with interior-inspired accessories such as throw pillows in weather- resistant and stain-resistant fabrics, elegant outdoor tableware, and stylish citronella candles. Vibrant seasonal plants are another ideal – and costeffective – way to add colour to an outdoor space.

Grow your own vegetables, fruit and herbs

Ideal for any garden, even in the smallest spaces, there’s a wide range of starter kits to get you going. Watch out for ready-planted tomato pots, herb gardens, and even whole vegetable plots.

Introduce decorative containers and garden furniture select materials with a tactile quality, such as zinc, rusty steel and wicker. home comforts in the garden