Still not quite convinced that a staycation can meet all your vacation needs? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. There are some great deals out there on European holidays. However, we’re looking at somewhere that ticks all the boxes but might be slightly off your normal holiday radar.

With a superb mix of great culture, wondrous architecture, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and amazing weather, a holiday in Morocco can give any European holiday a run for their money. In addition, it only takes around three hours to fly to Morocco. As a result, Morocco makes a fantastic destination for all of the family.

The two main resorts in Morroco, Marrakech and Agadir offer a great variety of things to do, therefore no two holidays are the same. Marrakech is the perfect combination of old and new, offering a mix of trendy bars and restaurants, peaceful retreats and breathtaking scenery. Agadir is a modern and bustling resort offering an array of activities such as watersports and trekking alongside fantastic restaurants and marvellous beaches.

If you’re not convinced already, we’ve listed our top 7 reasons you should visit this vibrant holiday destination.

1The weather

Holiday in Morocco
Camel with tourists on the beach in Agadir, Morocco

Morocco is an all year round destination. With average temperatures between 22°C and 28°C, therefore you’re pretty much guaranteed shorts and tshirt weather. Even in the winter it rarely drops below 20°C.

2The architecture

Holiday in Morocco
Details of Interior of Bahia palace in Marrakesh Morocco

With a mixture of global influences Moroccan architecture is something truly unique – the architecture and design elements found here are unparalleled. Pictured above, the Bahia Palace is ‘the palace’ to visit in Marrakesh if you’re only going to visit one during your time in the red city.

3The beautiful beaches

Holiday in Morocco
Red arches of Legzira beach

If you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll love the sandy beaches. If you head to the resort of Agadir and you’ll find a seemingly endless stretch of beachfront. Legzira beach is one of the best beaches in Morocco and was listed in The 40 Best Beaches on Earth by The Huffington Post. In addition, many of the beaches here offer a wide variety of watersports, perfect for any adrenaline seekers. Therefore,

4The markets

Holiday in Morocco
Market stalls ready for sale, in Marrakech’s Souk.

Morocco’s famous markets, known as souks, are mezmerising. As you weave through bustling markets and bazaars, the African sun soaks your skin with its warm rays. This world is full of energy, colour and vibrance – it’s tough not to enjoy the exciting labyrinth like souks of Marrakech.

5The culture

Holiday in Morocco
Panoramic view of Marrakesh and old medina, Morocco

Colourful and vibrant wherever you go, Moroccan culture is made up of Arab, Berber and French influences. Those who have called Morocco home over the years, have shaped this rich culture. Steeped in years of history and tradition, everyday life in Morocco is deeply rooted in spirituality, family values and simply living your best life. Marrakech’s historic medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It boasts spectacular architecture and alleyways that you can spend hours admiring.

6The cuisine

Holiday in Morocco
Selection of very colorful Moroccan tajines (traditional casserole dishes)

The delicious traditional Moroccan cuisine is out of this world. Namely because the subtle spices and intriguing flavours are common occurrences in many of these dishes. B’ssara, Makouda and Couscous are just a few of the most popular dishes here. In addition, the beautiful clay tagine cooking pots are a real spectacle on the streets.

7The people

Holiday in Morocco
Snake charmer on Djemaa el-Fna square – a Unesco world heritage site

The nightlife here is varied and unique with the heart of Marrakech coming alive as the sun sets. If you take a trip to Djemma el-fna Square in the early evening and you’ll be greeted with lantern-lined streets, live music and street performers around every corner.

In conclusion, Morocco really does have it all. Year round sunshine, plenty to see and do, great grub and family friendly.

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