Hill Top Mill

by Northern Life

Olive Riley, Hesketh Bank

When I were nobbut a lass,
I were employed at Mill,
I used to walk there every day
T’ top o’cobbled ‘ill.
Eee were I glad ‘twere there
‘igh up as they say,
‘cause I only ‘ad t’ goo back deawn
When done at th’ end o’t’ day.

Aowl other lasses were t’ same
Ye’d ‘ear the’r clogs a clatter
As they moved the’r sels int’ morning
An’ come back at neet aowl shattered.

We worked our fingers t’t’ bone
No tea-breaks did we ‘ave,
‘E wouldn’t ‘ardly gi’ us time
T’ goo owt back t’ t’ lav’.

At sometime in owr twelve ‘our shift
‘E’d stop us fer us dinner,
‘E didn’t gi’ us very lang,
That Overseer Jack Slinger.

‘E’d crack ‘is whip,
We’d drop owt left
An’ run back, quick,
T’ warp an’ weft.