Hwam 3520

Heating Your Home With Wood Has Never Looked So Good

by Northern Life

Hwam 3520Heating your home with wood has never looked so good – introducing the Hwam 3520 stove from Euroheat

With the perfect proportions and many design options, the Hwam 3520 from Euroheat is a functional wood burning stove with a wealth of practical details discreetly hidden behind a stunning exterior.

Offering an eco-friendly, efficient and cost effective way to heat your home, the stove features a handy storage space at the bottom, while at the top the heat storage compartment can be filled with heat-retaining stone which allows heat to be stored and released long after the flames have died down.

Perfect for providing ample heat to any sized room throughout the winter months, the Hwam 3520 can also be fitted with an Autopilot IHS (Intelligent Heat System), which constantly monitors the combustion process and regulates the air, ensuring the wood within the stove is always burnt with maximum efficiency. Essentially this means that all there is to do is put kindling and logs in the stove, light up and sit back and enjoy the heat and the flames to their full.

The Hwam 3520 wood burning stove from Euroheat is priced from £2,957.