Health Bites

by Northern Life

Westlab Supersalt


Westlab, the UK’s leading mineral salt experts, have launched a new range of 100% natural, premium grade Supersalts: Himalayan ‘Body Cleanse’ SuperSalt with Himalayan salt, seaweed, lemon and rose; ‘Muscle Relief ’ SuperSalt with Epsom salt, arnica, spearmint and eucalyptus; ‘Skin Repair’ Supersalt with Dead Sea salt, colloidal oatmeal, chamomile and lavender to rescue your skin from dryness. Dissolve in a warm bath, relax and soak for 20 minutes. Available at £7.99 BUY NOW

Liquorice Balm

LiqBalm with liquoriceFour people in ten admitted In a survey they would rather cancel a date than let their dates see them with cold sores. But fear not, Liquorice Balm will come to your lips’ rescue this Valentine’s Day! Due to its naturally derived ingredients, sufferers can wear the lip balm at all times, and the intensity of the cold sore outbreaks could be diminished before they really have a chance to take hold. £7.95 for 30g from BUY NOW

Hycosan Fresh


The newest product in the Hycosan range provides freshness for dry and tired eyes. A preservative-free eye drop with an all natural formulation, it contains sodium hyaluronate and plant extract Euphrasia for natural relief of mild eye irritation. Each bottle contains 300 equal drops and remains sterile for six months from opening thanks to its unique bottle design. Suitable for use with all contact lenses. £8.99 from Boots and all good pharmacies and opticians BUY NOW

Fori meat snacks

Fori Bars

Demand for healthy, high protein snacks is satisfied with meat-based bars from Fori, in four delicious flavours: Chilli beef, Moroccan lamb, Thai turkey and piri piri chicken. Finest grass-fed or free-range meats are used plus seeds, fruits and herbs, and each bar is handcrafted using ageold techniques. Fori founder Carl Austin was inspired to create the range through his own frustrating experiences with service station snack bars. £11.96 for four bars (one of each flavour) or £32.29 for 12- pack of a single flavour. BUY NOW

Boost Oxygen

Boost OxygenBoost Oxygen has taken the American marketplace by storm and has now come
to the UK. In a world where the air we breathe can contain as little as 14%
oxygen, this handy portable can provides a boost of 95% pure oxygen. Boost
Oxygen helps to enhance your performance during sport as well as aiding faster
recovery afterwards. It also has a range of wellness benefits including reducing
stress and increasing mental performance. £17.99. BUY NOW