BOOK REVIEW: The Grim Chronicles

The Grimm Chronicles

By Frederick J Duerden Vanguard Press, paperback, £8.99

The scythebearing Grim Reaper takes on a new look in this enjoyable fun-filled romp.

Turning out to be a friend-inneed, the reaper shows in six short stories how he can be directed all over the world, throughout the centuries, to make death easier.

His ticket of admittance to the pearly gates is never refused, whether by the guy who fell into a vat of custard or in the solving of the mystery of too many deaths among those building the pyramids.

He even has a stint on Atlantis. In fact, the Burnley author, Frederick Duerden, comes up with a remarkable, tongue-in-cheek, reason why Atlantis was so called.

It is a fun book, taking the sting out of the Grim Reaper’s reputation, and at the same time injecting a little humour into the sombre prospect of dying – never a bad thing (the humour, not the dying!).


It is a critique of the many facets of human nature as well as a light-hearted look at life, and death, today.

The Grim Reaper is a well-crafted character who takes on a life of his own while dealing with the death of others. Well worth a read from an author who is well worth keeping your eyes on.