Northern holidays

Great Northern holidays are hard to beat

by Northern Life

Whether you fancy an all-action holiday or a relaxing few days away, holiday parks in our great northern countryside are hard to beat.

There’s nothing quite like the freedom to get up when you want, dine when you please and set off wherever and whenever you feel like it.

There are more than 2,000 licensed parks throughout the UK, and they offer an enormous choice of different holiday styles.

“We’re particularly fortunate in having such a variety of landscapes and environments to enjoy”

Here in the North, we’re particularly fortunate to have such a variety of landscapes and environments to enjoy, whether it’s the dramatic bays and cliffs of Northumberland, the fresh air and fun of the West Coast, or the rural and historic joys of North Yorkshire.

It’s easy to go online and see what the holiday parks have to offer and whether they’ll suit your own requirements for a holiday.

For the ultimate in go-as-you please freedom holidays, many holiday parks can accommodate touring caravans. Just make sure before you go a-towing that you find out which places will accommodate your tourer and plan your route accordingly.

If caravanning isn’t your thing, and you’d rather travel light, why not book a weekend or a few days away? Holiday parks have plenty of accommodation you can book, whether it’s for a couple or a family with children.

And who knows, if you find a holiday park in a location you like, and you wish to return again and again, there’s ample opportunity to buy a brand-new or pre-owned holiday den, whether it’s a caravan, bungalow-type home or timber lodge. If you prefer to take your pleasures from outdoor activity, some parks take you right to the heart of the action. Bike hire, pony trekking and water-sports are just a few of the pursuits available either on or near many centres, with equipment hire and professional instruction included if wished.

Some holiday parks are very family centred, especially those based in or near popular holiday resorts. It’s here you’ll find plenty to occupy all members of the family: swimming pools, children’s clubs and play areas, live entertainment and a great carefree atmosphere… all happening just outside your front door.

But don’t feel left out if your idea of a relaxing break is completely different. Many parks are designed specifically for couples and families who enjoy quiet, undeveloped surroundings in the peace of the countryside.

The ability to take off on holiday whenever you choose is one of the most appealing aspects of actually owning a holiday home. There’s no need to book or plan ahead: if the weekend forecast sounds good, just pack your bags and go.

A holiday home on a park can be enjoyed from the moment you arrive: there’s no maintenance required, no grass to cut, and no unexpected repair bills to worry about. For a fraction of the cost of a cottage, you become the proud owner of a luxurious, high-quality holiday home which has been purposebuilt for relaxation.

Owning a holiday home also means that you can use your leisure time more effectively. By choosing a holiday park which is right in the heart of countryside you love, or close to where you can enjoy a favourite activity such as walking, golf or sailing, you’ll spend less time travelling – and more time doing.

You will notice that some holiday parks are members of larger groups, but the majority are independently owned. They are often actively managed by the owning families which have developed them gradually over the years, shaping their character according to the type of customers they attract.

Spend some time getting to know the park, and perhaps its owner or manager, to help you reach a decision.