EarthBits announces the top ten ‘game-changing’ eco-products for 2020

Jason and Fran of Earthbits
Jason and Fran of Earthbits

With the start of a new year, decade, and era underway, leading eco-friendly online retailer, has revealed its top ten alternative eco products for 2020.

Each product has been selected as an item that can easily be ‘swapped out’, to cut back on unnecessary consumption and waste.

Ranging from; reusable feminine hygiene products, to paperless kitchen towels, and vegan make-up, all items conform to the company’s; plastic-free, cruelty-free, and vegan ethos.

Jason Heap, founder of EarthBits, said; “2020 promises to be the year when eco-living goes mainstream. Over the past six-months we’ve seen an increase in demand for sustainable products, as consumers become consciously mindful of their shopping habits. For this reason, we use minimal and simple designs to keep items affordable. Plus, products are made, packaged and delivered in a sustainable way, so consumers can feel good about making a smarter choice.

“However, the big trend for 2020 will be alternative options to single-use cottons. From kitchen towels to make-up removers and clothes, disposable cotton is picking up where single-use plastic left off last year.”

Ranging from £5 to £20.75, the EarthBits list reflects the changing times we live in. The top ten alternative items to ‘swap out’ for 2020 are as follows:

1Unpaper Towels, £15.00

If single-use plastic was last years’ buzzword, then single-use cotton is the 2020 version. One way the industry has responded is with ‘unpaper’ kitchen towels. Marley’s Monsters organic towels are reusable, to help reduce environmental impact.

2Menstrual Cup, £8.99

The average woman uses around 200kg of disposable feminine products in her lifetime. As such, more women are turning to reusable solutions, such as ‘Hey Girls’ menstrual cup. Plus, for every cup bought, another is given to a UK girl or woman in need.

3Natural deodorant, £5.50

With high-profile celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow making the switch to natural deodorants, consumers have been starting to do the same. Praised for being natural, without clogging up pores, Zero Waste Path’s organic version is a bestseller.

4Beeswax food wraps, £10.00

An alternative to plastic film, these natural food wraps by The Beeswax Wrap Co. use durable beeswax to keep food fresh. Reusable and easy to wash, helping to save money and resources.

5Organic vegan mascara, £20.75

Using 100% natural ingredients, this lash-lengthening mascara by Zao Organic is cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive eyes. Encased in an attractive bamboo case, once finished you can buy a refill to cut back on packaging.

6Bamboo straws, £6.99 (pack of five)

In 2019, many restaurants and businesses banned plastic straws. Now in 2020, consumers are doing the same. These eco-friendly alternatives made from bamboo come with their own cleaning brush, allowing them to be used repeatedly.

7Reusable make-up remover pads, £7.99 (for ten)

Bringing beauty into the 21st century, these makeup remover pads are made from cotton and bamboo. Pop in the washing machine to clean and reuse. Items are compostable too.

8Bamboo cutlery, £7.99

Bamboo cutlery is the next big trend in sustainable dining. Consumers are already making the switch for picnics and parties, instead of single-use plastic cutlery.

9Charcoal toothpaste, £8.90

Better for our planet and bodies, this natural charcoal product by Georganics is how toothpaste should be. Using natural minerals for healthy teeth and gums.

10Shopping Mesh Bags, £6.50 (for three)

Sales of single-use plastic bags are down by 90 per cent, since the 5p charge. Providing a long-term solution, mesh bags can be washed, darned, and used again.

Founded by husband and wife, Jason and Fran, EarthBits is based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The couple, who are committed to a low-waste, zero-plastic lifestyle, launched the business in 2019.

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