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Don’t let driving or fear of a hangover spoil your tipple choice. Here is a selection of fantastic, low alcohol and alcohol free options.

After the festive partying stops, January can be filled with a resounding chorus of ‘I’m never drinking again’ across the population. It’s often far too embarrassing to suggest you’re not drinking tonight and having an orange juice instead, as we all know it leads to an influx of questions and peer pressure. Mindful drinking is not just for those who drink to an excess, some may just want to make sure their healthy diet is not interrupted and some can spend their whole night just slightly tipsy and jolly but are bombarded with anxiety through the roof the next day, feeling impending doom for no reason at all.

With a whole host of new zero alcohol and low alcohol beverages available as well as mindful drinking festivals, sobriety blogs, no drinking challenges i.e. ‘One Year No Beer’, there is more support and encouragement than ever. Low and no alcohol alternatives now make up 1.3% of the total beverage alcohol market in the UK.

Dry Drinker (, founded by Stuart Elkington is leading in the world of alcohol-free drinks, boasting everything from pilsners to prosecco. “Stuart was seriously fed up with the lack of choice in low and nonalcoholic beers in the UK. His partner Lynn bet he wouldn’t give up his career in the licensed trade to make a change. But he did. He committed to a healthier lifestyle and now appreciates the value of having a drink that he can look forward to drinking, even if it is alcohol free.

So, whatever your reasons are for abstinence, give our top tipples a try…

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