For Michaela

by Northern Life

In Loving Memory of Patricia Bianchi

Patricia was the mum of our colleague Michaela and will leave a big hole at Loop, a wonderful woman, with a big heart and a smile that would light up the darkest of days. Here’s a poem she wrote in the early 90s about her little ray of sunshine, Michaela.

Where have the little pig-tails gone,
The shining rosy cheeks,
The wide and impish hazel eyes,
The little girlie squeaks.
Where have the bedtime kisses gone,
The chubby hands in prayer,
The story books upon the bed,
The cuddly teddy bear.
The pig-tails are a ball of frizz,
The cheeks are thin and distant,
The voice is just a wail.
The bedtime kisses are no more,
The hands no longer pray,
The books gave way to magazines,
The bear is stored away.
My little girl will come again,
My friends have told me so,
I have to wait a few more years,
Her love, again to know.