Five Perfect Worldwide Picnics

by Northern Life

With the weather changing, the flowers blooming and the rules allowing us to meet 6 of our friends outside, this summer is going to be all about the picnic!

Google searches for “picnic” have risen 550% year-on-year, and searches for “picnic snacks” has seen a 500% increase. “Cute picnic ideas” has seen a huge 5,000% increase – it’s obvious the UK is raring to go!

With this in mind, it’s time to give our picnics a makeover and maybe try something a little bit different. Wren Kitchens has conducted research into popular foods around the world and have compiled a list of 5 delectable global picnics.

Designed to inspire your at-home alfresco dining and transport you to holiday hotspots, it’s time to revitalise your picnic basket with these picnic treats.


British Inspired Picnic

The good-old fashioned Great British picnic is a feast of treats that we all know and love. In order to make your picnic a quintessentially British affair, you’ll need an array of sandwiches, scones (with jam and cream of course), and Pimm’s at a bare minimum!

Total Picnic Price: £34.03


Mediterranean Inspired Picnic

Although we might not be able to bask in the Mediterranean sun this year, we can still create a smorgasbord of delights from Greece, Spain, and Italy in our picnics. Think fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, olives, cured meat, and fish, all washed down with red wine – delicious.

Total Picnic Price: £35.27


Caribbean Inspired Picnic

If you’re looking to try some food with vibrant colours and flavours, the Caribbean picnic might be for you. With fresh coconut water, bean salads, BBQ chicken, and rice, this is a great way to mix up your summer eats and try some news and exciting foods.

Total Picnic Price: £20.35


USA Inspired Picnic

Looking to indulge in some ever-popular US comfort foods? Then your picnic should be made up of creamy mac and cheese, burgers, bagels, and doughnuts. Although not the healthiest, the food from the USA is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Total Picnic Price: £20.36


Asian Inspired Picnic

Within Asia, food is used to encourage wellness. If you enjoy sushi, spicy prawns, lychee, and kombucha, then this picnic will be right up your alley. With a diverse flavour profile, an Asian themed picnic will take your taste buds on a delicious journey.

Total Picnic Price: £22.99

You can find more information and a list of all the foods here: wrenkitchens.com